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For the MBA program, anyone who has been accepted to the program can apply. All nationalities are welcome to apply. For the MIM program, anyone who has been accepted can apply. All nationalities are welcome to apply, but permanent work permits are evaluated in the process.
Due to legal restrictions, we cannot fund citizens of France or Singapore or anyone located either of those countries.

No, INSEAD prefers that the student covers the deposit from their personal funds.

Yes, some living expenses can also be covered. Please mention your interest in living expenses to us when you submit your application.

For the MBA program, please us send your CV, transcripts, admission email from INSEAD, passport, proof of address, and 3 recent pay slips or tax return document. For the MIM program, send us your CV, transcripts, certificates of professional or academic achievements, copies of your passport(s) and other permanent work permits, proof of address, and your admission email from INSEAD. Email your complete application to:

No, the application is free of charge and nothing is binding until you sign the contract.

Your individual percentage will depend on the funding amount as well as your academic and professional records that you submit as part of your application.

The education fund does not charge interest because we do not offer a loan but an income-share agreement. Therefore, a hypothetical interest rate without the knowledge of your future income cannot be calculated. Once all your repayments are completed, it is possible to treat the cash flow as if this was a typical loan and calculate a hypothetical interest rate.

Yes, a partial financing of the tuition is possible. The repayment percentage will be proportional to the funding amount.

You begin repaying after you graduate and only when you earn a minimum annual income. If your annual income is below the minimum income, you do not have to repay anything for that year.

The exact amount you will repay cannot be determined at this point. You will repay a fixed percentage of your income when you earn above the minimum income. It is possible that you will repay more than the amount we paid for you or less, depending on your actual income.

You will make 10 annual payments. If your income is below the minimum income, no repayments are due that year and the payments are postponed. After 20 calendar years, all remaining payments are waived even if fewer than 10 annual payments have been made. You can find an example for the repayment here: Example

We use the sum of your positive income as stated in your tax assessment to determine how much you have to repay for the year.

There are annual and overall caps in place to make sure you do not overpay us if you have a very high income. The highest amount you can repay overall is twice the funding amount plus inflation.

Whenever your annual income is below the minimum income, you do not have to repay anything during that year. We do not have a requirement that you work at any time and your reason for having a low income has no impact on the repayment.

We allow for a one-time lumpsum payment after graduation to end the contract early. However, we do not have standard conditions, but the terms will be discussed on an individual basis after graduation when you are seriously considering this option.

There is no requirement that you earn in EURO. All relevant amounts will be converted using either the yearly average of the currency conversion or the day of the invoice – that is your decision.

You are required to keep us updated on your personal information (e.g. change of address, phone number), submit your tax return documents on time, and make the required payments. No other obligations exist.

Repayments of tuition are tax-deductible in Germany at the time of payment as of January 2021. This information is subject to change. For information on repayments in other countries, please contact tax advisors for those countries.

The contract is tied to you, and only you are responsible to make the repayments. If you die, the contract will end; no one in your family has to take over the payments.

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